Sanlyton Sterling Silver Natural Turquoise Carved 3D Cross Pendant Necklace



Turquoise Cross size: 1.7 inches x 1.25 inches, weighing 0.31 ounces. Sterling Silver Necklace Length 18 inches. With a beautiful black gift box. Turquoise has the protection of wealth, enrichment, good luck, it can be a talisman, but also bring you good luck in making money The cross sign is the oldest and has a lot of mysterious meanings. It is a universal symbol that existed in ancient times, representing the sun and symbolizing the tree of life. Natural turquoise will be flawed because it is 100% of stone. These Turquoise crosses are suitable for pocket stone, office, collection, gift, learning, jewelry, massage, healing, yoga, meditation, fengshui, decoration, statue, letters, bookmarks, amulets, stone collection, guardians, Orient, commercial birthstones. Christmas, new year, birthday, Halloween gift. You can give yourself to yourself, your family and friends. Bring good luck to all the people around you. Both men and women


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