PWMENLK 3Pcs Men Women Buddhist 108 Prayer Mala Beads Sandalwood Bracelet Natural 8mm Wood Beaded Necklace Elastic



3 Pcs for a set 108 wood beads with elastic cord will fit your wrist whatever your wrist strong or thin.3 different colors bracelet for one set choose different color to show your different style and you can wear it in different occasion to make your dailylife more colorful Wonderful wood beads:Sandalwood has the effect of ward off evil.Sandalwood is a symbol of peace and serenity,to defuse the hostility. Buddhist disciples likes to wear the beads made of sandalwood, which they believe will enhance the savvy.In addition,sandalwood also has cosmetic effect.We hope when you wear it,you will be healthy,beautiful,auspicious and lucky Meaning 108 Beads:The 108 beads are intended to eliminate 108 problems and thus achieve a state of peace.The 108 Count Prayer Beads,meditation beads or healing beads is believed to be powerful in bringing positive forces of self realization and contentment,conducive to focus your attention and keep you distracted from stress and or anxiety Mala beads or Buddhist prayer beads are a traditional tool used to count the number of times a mantra is recited, breaths while meditating, counting prostrations, or the repetitions of a Buddha’s name. They are similar to other forms of prayer beads used in various world religions and therefore the term Buddhist rosary also appears The beautifully natural wood beads are threaded onto a durable elastic cord ,which allows to be worn as either bracelet or necklace depending on your mood and preferences.Fit both women and men of any age,it can be folded into three or four layers of bracelets depending on your wrist size.And you can also use it as a car hanging,to bless the safety of your travel,or to hang it in your house as a hanging decoration to protect your family’s health and auspiciousness


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